Stories Jesus Told

Everyone loves a good story! They have a way of disarming us, tearing down the barriers in our lives and the walls that we have put up, and allowing us to truly listen. This is one of the reasons they are so effective. It is also a large reason that Jesus used them in his teaching. We call them “parables”, but at their roots, they are short stories that convey large truths.

This is one of many topics that will be offered starting June 4th through the new elective Stories Jesus Told, Sundays, at 9:30am, in Room 203. We will start by discussing what makes up a parable and how we can study them correctly. Then, the class will analyze and discuss several of the parables of Jesus.

This will be a great opportunity to dive into some of the more confusing passages in scripture to try and discern the truth these short stories carry. We are excited to start this class as a way to engage believers in their own spiritual growth! We know this will be beneficial, and cannot wait to see you there.

Guest Author: Josiah Weece is an intern at Valley View Christian Church. He is a senior at Ozark Christian college studying preaching. He is the third of four boys and is engaged to be married in the fall. He loves to preach and teach when he can.