Blessing Teen Parents

Are you a teen mom in need of encouragement and support? BTP provides a Christian environment where teen parents can connect with each other and find respite from the difficulties of teen parenting. 

We have monthly BTP events with pizza, games, raffle tables and take aways! It is a fun and relaxing environment for busy moms. Baby daddies are welcome as well; after pizza you can play basketball to work out the stresses of the day. We also want to love on those babies so there is a full nursery available.

We also have a Clothes Swap each Spring and Fall: Babies grow so fast! Let’s help each other out and bring any of your gently used baby clothes for donation. If your clothes are too worn out or you are passing them down to someone else, it’s not a problem! Clothes donated from the church and the community will also be there to choose from.

Connect with Blessing Teen Parents
BTP Facebook Group: a private Facebook group for information exchange, sharing pictures and encouragement.

If you have any questions, e-mail