FamiliesAt Valley View Christian Church, we desire to combine the influence of the Church and family to strategically pass along Faith to our children. We believe that God has designed parents/family to be a child’s primary spiritual director. We also believe that it is the Church’s mandate to come along parents to supplement what parents should be doing at home in teaching kids how to follow Jesus.

We have 3 main goals:
  • Provide resources and opportunities to give guidance to parents/grandparents on how to pass along faith to their children. This includes things such as Family Camp, seasonal events, special adult elective classes, Parent Summits, and resources via social media.
  • Provide age specific teaching and programs at VVCC to supplement what happens at home. Each age level department works together to ensure that our programs are relevant, engaging, and follow a discipleship plan to ensure proper Faith instruction.
  • Champion a comprehensive discipleship plan for the children who attend VVCC from birth through College-Age. Each age level programs will orient their yearly programs around certain benchmarks that we feel that age level needs to know/be exposed to.